Al Liali Jewelry Dubai

You can find many stores that offer high quality jewelries along with the great services but the only store that offers the customers the knowledge about the jewelries is Al Liali Jewelry of Dubai.

Founded in June 1999 by Raed Ahmad Baker and Anuraag Shinta, Al Liali is headquartered in Dubai and already owns 18 outlets around the Middle East, which are mostly spread around the United Arab Emirates. In less than 13 years, Al Liali Jewelry has built its brand based on the perfect service of providing the best jewelries to the customer and the best customer care. Al Liali also spoils the customers by offering services that simplify the payment process and guarantee the products that are sold to the customers.

Since it was built for the first time, Al Liali Jewelry has been striving to be the best jewelry store and implying good values to the body of the core. To fulfill its mission to be the best, Al Liali applies three core values to ensure the customers and the company receive fair advantages. They are the passion for excellence, customer centric, and innovation value. These three core value have brought Al Liali to be one of the best jewelry stores in Dubai. Added with the educational factor, Al Liali offers you the knowledge of jewelries as the additional value besides the jewelry when you come and visit them.

Enforced with more than 150 professionals and skilled craftsmen, Al Liali Jewelry produces a huge number of collections for you. And since there are so many jewelries Al Liali offers, Al Liali divides the jewelries into eight brands that represent the style and design of each collection. The brands are the memories, the Petite, the Affair, the Nakshatra, the Nouf, the Sakura, the Kimono, and the Liali Gold.

The Memories is created for a special moment that will last in memory. It consists of a stellar collection of diamonds from all shapes and sizes. And just like a diamond, the brilliance of the Memories of Al Liali lasts forever.

The Petite is just like the name, which means small and delicate. This brand represents the collections of jewelry that are small sized but suitable for daily wear. With a simple look, the Petite is perfect as a gift for your lovely kids.

The Affair can bring you the passion of love. It combines all emotions that love can bring and let you possess them all in a little and adorable jewelry.

The Nakshatra, or the constellation of stars, is the jewelry that enhances the beauty of the wearer. This brand represents the collection of gold made of 22K gold.

The Nouf is the richest of the collections. The designs are made of a reputable Italian designer and the gemstones give the Nouf variations of colors that can pull-out the vivacious spirit of yours.

The Sakura is the pearl jewelry collections. Made of fine-pearls imported from Tahitian, Akoya, and the South Sea, the Sakura completes the number of collections of jewelry of Al Liali Jewelry.

The Kimono is the strings of pearls that is attached to the neck with variations of length. The Kimono makes your sensual part of your body becomes more exotic.

And the last brand is the Liali Gold. Unlike common gold, the Liali Gold varies from the yellow gold to the pink and white gold. Of course the gold is guaranteed for the purity. Liali Gold has many unique and charming designs that can increase your self-esteem and prestige.

Wearing the Al Liali's jewelry will make you free of guilty since Al Liali Jewelry ensures the gold, or diamonds, or other gemstones of their jewelries are clean and legal. The other advantage of becoming the Al Liali Jewelry's customer is that the cooperation Al Liali makes with a number of banks. This makes you free from any interest whenever you want to buy Al Liali jewelries with your credit cards. Al Liali also offers the customers a free maintenance for the products that are bought from Al Liali such as the polishing and the fixing of the jewelry. Along with the international certification Al Liali provides from IGI, Al Liali Jewelry will surely fulfill all of your desire for jewelry.

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