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Ary Jewelry, is one of the famous jewelers in Dubai. It was first started in 1970 as a family business owned by Abdul Razzak Yaqoob in Pakistan specializing in gold. However, the accelerated economic growth of gold combined with good service and quality Ary Jewellery offers have brought Ary Jewellery to be one of the largest jewellery stores in Pakistan. Nowadays, Ary Jewellery is more than just a name. As a multinational company, it represents the excellence of the jewellery through perfect designs and precise cut.

Created by the best designers, Ary Jewellery collections are varied from the eastern to the western style. With the unlimited creativity, Ary Jewellery always strives to be the first in inventing a new kind of jewellery that is suitable not only for fashion but also to show pride and prestige. From the common and bridal jewellery to the brilliant rainbow gold and gold bars, Ary Jewellery really asserts itself to be the leading jewellery company in the Middle East. Now Ary Jewellery does not only focus on producing gold, but also diamonds, sterling silver, pearls, and other valuable gemstones, with various kind of designs.

Ary Jewelry has a supreme collection of diamonds. The fusion between the diamonds and the pure 22K gold has made the diamonds collection become the most luxurious jewellery for every woman. The diamond collections are varied from the western to the eastern style and available in vintage models that bring out the classic romantic nuance.

Ary Jewelry silver collection is called the Naqrah. All of the Naqrah is made of pure 925 sterling silver. They are made of the purest silver you could find in the world and perfect to be made as an accessory for those who love shining jewelleries around their neck, hands, or fingers. This luminous silver will bring futuristic style and enhance the beauty of the wearer.

The other precious jewellery of Ary Jewelry is the bridal jewellery, a set of jewellery made of valuable metals and pearls that will make your honeymoon lasts forever. This is an excellent jewellery to be worn in your most special day in your lifetime, the wedding day. With Ary’s bridal jewellery, all of the pretty princess will become the queen of the day. This collection consists of a set of necklace and earrings which are adjustable to your liking.

The pearl collections of Ary Jewelry are one of the brilliant collections. They are made of real pearl that are imported from countries like Japan, Tahiti, Australia, and China, to ensure the jewellery is attached with the best quality of pearl. The range of color and size enrich the number of the pearl collections and make this collection become the most distinguished collection of jewellery.

To keep you astounded, Ary Jewellery also invented the unique rainbow gold collections. This is the brilliant collection of gold like you have never seen before. Beautified by a special machine using Kinegram technology, the rainbow gold collections can shine multiple colors of gold which you will never find in any other common gold. The quality of the gold itself is preserved to guarantee you get the most prestigious appearance in every occasion.

And the other product like you have never found in other common jewelries is the millat gold bars. The product is not exactly an actual jewel but still has the deluxe and grand charm for the owner. This millat gold bar is the actual gold bar in which carvings can be made to show or to mark your ownership or to be given as a special gift for someone. The legality is guaranteed since it is labeled with a Certicard packaging as the ID of the owner of the gold bar. This will also simplify you whenever you want to use it as an investment tools for trading someday.

To ensure the customer from all around the world receive the best service, Ary Jewelry keeps expanding its marketing area by opening new branches every year. Now Ary Jewellery has opened some showrooms in Uni Emirat Arab and Pakistan. For you who are willing to visit this incredible jewelry store someday, you can prepare your journey to Deira City Centre, Naif Road, Meena Bazaar, Deira Gold Souk, or Dubai Festival City, in Dubai. Or you can also visit the main branch at Karachi, Pakistan, in Amir Trade Centre of Tariq Road.

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