Damas Jewelry Dubai

Damas, headquartered in Dubai, Uni Emirate Arab, was founded as a local store 106 years ago. Nowadays, Damas operates more than 290 outlets in 12 countries around the world, mostly in GCC region. From local to global, Damas has proven that their products and services are among the best jewelers. And to distinct the jewelry products, Damas divides its jewelry into four different classes which are the Les Exclusives Stores selling the most luxurious and high-end products, the Semi Exclusives Stores which sells the sophisticated and perky jewels, the Damas 22K and 18K Stores that offers the fashionable and pretty stuffs at a lower price, and the Exclusive Watch Store and mono brand boutiques. By separating their products and stores, they want to give their customer the easiness of buying jewelry.

On Damas, you also choose your own jewelry by criteria, such as the article, the jewel type, the brand, the gender, the occasion, or the price range. This way you will not get confused to pick the suitable jewelry out of the numbers of collection of Damas jewelry. Damas sells various kinds of jewelry, including silver, gold, diamonds, precious gemstones, and pearls. The designs are also varied, for example the diamond necklace. The diamond necklace of Damas jewelry has many designs such as the heart shaped, round shaped, water drop shaped, and key shaped. But if you are a fan of colorful jewelry, you can choose the gemstones jewelry. Damas has hundreds of colorful jewelries to offer you. This kind of Damas jewelry collection will be perfect to be given as a gift to kids or teens to bring the vivacious impression to their life. The gold collections of Damas jewelry are great to be used at formal and semi-formal occasion. They can enhance the beauty of the wearer and creates the look of maturity and elegant. The pearl collections are coated with gold and silver and made with a perfect design of color and size that makes the jewel itself so pretty not to mention when it is worn by women.

Besides the women collection, Damas jewelries are also available for men. The men collection does not have many jewels as womenís does, but the combination of gold and silver or metal is still perfect for men. The designs make it simple to be used and the look of masculine and macho.

Damas gives their customer many programs that can be used as a present in form of gift voucher. The voucher can be used to purchase diamonds, gold, pearl jewelry, or watches, in the denominations of AED 50 up to more than AED 10000. This way, you can show your love to someone by giving her/him a freedom to choose the kind of jewels she/he likes. Damas also provides the corporate gifts for those who want to give a professional present to someone for business purpose or an appreciation of something. There are business collections such as cardholders, wallets, briefcases, and organizers. The other examples are the desktop items, the watch and pen set, and silver inlay. If you want some more prestigious gift, you can find the customized gifts with gold, such as medallions, cufflinks, gold coated crysanthemum, and gold brooch. Or you can also customize your own signature gifts, such as matches and earphones.

Interesting isnít it? Damas outlets which are spread in Dubai can give you so much easiness. You can go to to pupular Dubai malls like Sheikh Colony Shopping Complex, Lamcy Plaza, Dubai Festival City, Jumeirah, or Gold Souk to enjoy the warm service from Damas and satisfy your eyes with the numbers of collection they display. Damas also offers an online service through its special website. From the site, you can choose any jewelry you want and have it sent the desired jewelry to you in no time. And do not worry about the delivery cost. Damasí collaboration with FedEx service gives you another advantage that is the free delivery service for local and international customer. It is such a great deal Damas has for you, so what are you waiting for? Just come and visit the outlets or enter the website and quickly enrich your body with Damas jewelry to make you look more beautiful and prettier.

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