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The strong commitment to quality is the main point of Joyalukkas, the world’s favorite jeweler, in performing the business of jewelry. The company which has been established since 1987 was the first jeweler that was awarded some prestigious ISO certification, and since then, Joyalukkas jewelry has achieved many other achievements for its jewels’ quality. Thus, the call of being the world’s favorite jeweler is not without reason. However, besides maintaining the quality of the products, Joyalukkas also believes that all people in and around the where it is built are the sources of its success.

Joyalukkas jewelry was founded by Joy Alukkas as the continuing step of his father. Joy Alukkas is the person who successfully brings Joyalukkas to the international level by taking the first step in opening a jewelry showroom in UAE back in 1987. The main reason of Joy Alukkas in bringing up jewelry as a business is to change people’s perspective of jewelry. He is the revolutionary of the concept of “wedding center” within the jewelry store and also the person who starts the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in jewelry retail chain. The latter program means that Joyalukkas jewelry participates in helping the society inside and around the company.

This jeweler provides various collection of gold, pearl, diamond and precious gems, in which all of these materials can be found in the form of necklace, pendant or ring for both sexes and for every age. The company of Joyalukkas jewelry is composed by many brands, such as Di Royale, Ovio, Spring, Sveni, etc. for the diamonds, Aamira, Bakiamore, Ebru, etc. for the golds, Masaaki for the pearls, and Ratna for the precious gems. All of the brands have their own uniqueness in which some of them will be presented here.

The collection of diamond Di Royale is the sets of necklace, earrings, ring and pendant combined with 18k yellow and white gold that will successfully catch the eyes of the people around you. Diamond Ovio, one collection which is suitable for people with young cheerful soul, is the combination of diamonds and colorful precious gemstones that will dazzlingly color your day. Diamond Eleganza combines the 22k gold, uncut diamonds and colorful gemstones and creates the traditional design of modern jewelry. For teenager or young adult, diamond Spring is the perfect one since it is made of the combination of sapphire, ruby or green with diamonds to create the natural sparkle of blue, red and green in the form of leaves or flowers.

Gold lovers will fall on the feet of the gold collections. From the youngest age of children, gold Li’l Joy is devoted to symbolize the cheerful life of children by combining 22k gold with the colorful cute pendants. Meanwhile, as the name, gold Teens & Twenties is inspired by the nature and creates beautiful pendants and earring from 22k gold. Gold Mermaid brings out the set of traditional jewelry with gold and pearls that mesmerize the beauty of nature.

Pearl collection consists of necklace, string, earring, ring and pendant. Pearl Masaaki is the result of the best effort of Joyalukkas to produce the best pearl only for you, pearl lovers. This collection is always successful to make you spectacular in every occasion, be it the white pearl or the natural colorful pearls.

Last but never be the least, the set collections of precious gems Ratna. The ring, earring and necklace are brought to you to symbolize passion and personified. Once you immerse yourself in the combination of these gems with the 22k gold, you will definitely take people’s breath.

Since UAE is the place where Joyalukkas put its first root, and because Dubai is the most prosperous city in that area, the store of Joyalukkas jewelry is opened in many places around the city. Joyalukkas jewelry stores in Dubai are at Lulu Al Barsha level 2, Gold Centre-Deira branch 1, Karama Centre-Karama, Bur Dubai Main at Al Fahidi Street, BIG Joyalukkas in Bur Dubai, Grand Shopping Mall-Al Quoz, Gold Centre-Deira at the Main Shop, Gold Centre-Deira branch 2, Lulu Hypermarket-Karama, Suncity Br. at Al Fahidi Street-Bur Dubai and Lulu Hypermarket-Qusais. These stores will satisfy your lust of having the jewelry that suits your taste however it is.

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