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Jewelry has been found since a long time ago. From the ancient times, people have already used jewelry to beautify themselves or as the marker of high social status in the society. Many materials are used by people to make jewelries, from animal bones, leather, plants, and also stones. Until now, jewelry has been a high class commodity that determines someone’s’ social status in the society. There are so many kinds of jewelry that can be found now days. People are free to choose any kind of jewelry based on their tastes. There are many kinds of gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, ruby, and so on. There are also precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, silver, and many other metal materials. However, humans never get satisfied with everything. They want something unique, different, yet fancy and luxurious. Have you ever thought about amber? Amber is a material used in the Middle East almost on a level of gemstone, although it is not particularly a stone. Therefore, amber needs special proficiency and if you want to buy a piece of amber jewelry, you have to make sure that you buy that in the very special place in order to get long-lasting and high quality amber jewelry. If you sometimes visit Dubai, you can find a really specific place to get amber jewelry. Koruba Jewelry Dubai provides you with so many collections of high quality amber jewelry to satisfy your taste. The name “Koraba” is derived from Arabic which has a strong connection with nature.

One of the stores that you can find in Gold Souk Dubai is Koraba Jewelry. Koruba is based in the Dubai Gold Souk since 2006. If you have never been to Dubai, maybe you are not familiar with the term gold souk. Gold souk is the place where every trade activity related to jewelry trade happen. You have to note that the Gold Souk Dubai which is one of the biggest gold souk around the world. You can find more than 300 jewelry stores in this area and pamper your eyes with the beautiful and luxurious jewelries that will satisfy your need.

Koraba Jewelry is one of a few stores that specialized itself in producing amber jewelry in Dubai. They produce a fine amber jewelry and accessories that especially come from the Baltic countries, where the best amber are found. Koraba chooses the finest amber that is known as “The Treasure of Eastern European Sea”. Amber from Baltic Sea contains high quantity of succinic acid. The contents of succinic acid determine the quality of amber. The higher quantity it has, the higher quality of amber will be. Amber is famous because of its beautiful honey color, besides that color, there are so many colors of amber that Karoba has for their jewelry like white and opaque green, yellow, cherry, and the color of cognac. Koraba is also a member of World Amber Association and it also holds the certificate to ensure the quality and the authenticity of the jewelry that you buy.

You can find stunning collections of amber which are combined with high quality of gold and silver. There are some collections that Koraba Jewelry has such as Koraba Crystal, Koraba Diamond, Koraba Gold, Koraba Limited Designs, Koraba Mishbaha, and Koraba Silver. The Baltic amber in Koraba’s collection has been enriched with high quality of 18k gold, rhodium silver, or silver 925. This makes a beautiful combination of sophistication and elegance in every jewelry collection that you buy here.

Besides producing luxurious amber jewelry, Koraba Jewelry also offers some unique must-have accessories to complete your collection. The exquisite collection of walking stick, amber cufflink, and so many beautiful rosaries can be found in Koraba Jewelry. Those jewelries will satisfy your need for unique and luxurious jewelry for your unforgettable moments.

If you are planning to go to Dubai, you can visit the Koraba Jewelry stores to get your own unique and rare jewelry that you can find in your lifetime. There are some showrooms that you can manage to visit in Dubai and some other places in the UAE. You can find Koraba stores in the Dubai Festival City, and also in Souk Al Bahar, in the Marina Mall, and their showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Qatar. Come and enjoy the uniqueness of the treasure of Baltic amber in Koruba Jewelry.

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