Levant Jewelry Dubai

If you hear the word Dubai, it cannot be separated from luxury, the fusion of traditional and modern culture, and the advancement of technology that is packed beautifully in a sophisticated way. The name Dubai is well-known as one of the most beautiful place in the world. Besides the famous beautiful place, Dubai is also known as one of the central of modern trade and business which is very profitable. One of the famous trade activities in Dubai is jewelry trade. There are a lot of jewelry store in Dubai, the type of the jewelry is also varied from diamond, gold, ruby, amber, silver, and other gemstones that you can choose according to your need. One of the famous jewelry retailers in Dubai is Levant Jewelry. Levant is one of the fastest growing jewelry, watches, and fashion apparels in UAE. The jewelry collections at Levant are made from high quality materials with sophisticated innovation to make sure the satisfaction for their customers. Levantís vision is ďLeading People to the World of LuxuryĒ. So, if you dream about luxury, you will find it on Levant Jewelry.

Levant started its business in 2006 in Dubai. The chairman, Mr. Arif Ben Kadhra who has an expert experience in jewelry business makes the industry growing so fast and successful. His efforts in providing the best jewelry in Dubai have made him as the key figure who introduces the best international brands in Dubai. Levant Jewelry reflects the prestige and the luxury in the world of jewelry and watches. Their collections of pearls, blue, pink, and yellow diamonds, gemstones, and gold are the finest materials from their suppliers in America and Europe. It also represents the essence of Haute Couture for their high-end customers that care about high quality jewelry, watches, and fashions. You donít have to ask the popularity of Levant in, because it holds the best collections and materials of jewelry that last for a lifetime. In Levant, not only the jewelry that will satisfy your taste, but also you can find the high quality designer watches and clothing apparels. Levant Jewelry offers many kinds of international brands of jewelries, watches, and clothes that will satisfy their customersí needs. If you are a person with a high taste of fashion, you donít have to hesitate to come to Levant and find your best fashion stuffs for your luxurious life.

When you come to house of Levant, you donít have to worry that you will run out of choices, because in Levant you can find so many high quality brands of jewelries like Leviev, Scavia, Carrera y Carrera, Palmiero, Gavello, Schoeffel, Stenzhorn, Giorgio Visconti, Hellmuth, Novecentonovantanove, Victor Mayer, Annamaria Cammilli, Zancan, Aaron Basha, Tarisi, Lorre Rodkin, Pippo Perez, and Artur Scholl. If you want to look for high quality watches, Levant will also provide you with many brands of watches like Dewitt, Kern, Quinting, Sarcar, Icelink, Montega, Paul Picot, Rebellion, Cyrus, Ebel, Edox, Hysek, and Maurice Lacroix. For high taste of designer clothes, Levant Jewelry also has many brands in their stores that you can choose like Smalto, Cortigiami, Gerlin Look, Italo Ferretti, Tincati, Herringbone, Shiro Accessories, Scavia, Schiatti, Pin-Up, Rebecca, VDP, Jeans Tatto, Moreschi, Borsalino, Leonard, and S.T Dupont. The uniqueness and the popularity of brands and also the quality of the products in Levant make it to be the most adored choices among high-end fashionistas. Levant will make sure you will get the products that you will not regret for the rest of your life.

With all of that incredible profile of Levant Jewelry, you donít have to be anxious about your choices in high quality jewelry, watches, and clothes. Levant Jewelry is the right choice for your high taste. While enjoying the greatness of Dubai, you can also satisfy your desire to have high quality jewelry in the best place in the world. Levant has many stores all over Dubai and France. You can easily find these high-end showrooms in the Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai Mall, Zabeel Saray, the Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis, Mina AíSalam, and Al Qasr Boutique. For the fashion store, you can find Levant boutique for couture, shoes and accessories in Al Qasr, Atlantis, and Zabeel Saray. Besides Dubai, you can also find Levant showroom in France. Enjoy your shopping in the world of Levant and get the best products for your life investment here.

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