Mahallati Jewelry Dubai

People can do so many things to do investments now days; they can invest their money to buy land, house, car, or even jewelry like gold and diamond. If we invest on something, we have to make sure that we invest on something that is profitable. Investing jewelry is one way to make our investment profitable. However, buying jewelry is an activity that requires the carefulness of the consumers because jewelry is a precious thing and we don’t want to get a fake jewelry or low quality jewelry, since you cannot make an investment on a fake thing. We have to choose the best quality and trustworthy producers if we want to get the authentic jewelry that last for a lifetime. Now days, there are a lot of jewelry producers that offer us with many varieties of jewelry which, they said, have the highest quality above all other jewelry brands. One of the secrets to get high quality jewelry is the long experience in the jewelry making. Like the old proverb said, experience is the best teacher, it also occurs in the quality level of jewelry making. If you want to get high quality jewelry with the long experiences of crafting gemstones to be a beautiful jewelry for you, Mahallati Jewelry can be your first choice to get the jewelry from the expert.

Mahallati Jewelry is a company that is well-known all over the Middle East, especially Dubai, for making exclusive high-quality of diamond jewelry. If you mention “Mahallati”, your mind will automatically think about the elegant, luxurious image of jewelry that combined with finest quality of gold and diamond. The company established in 1968 by Abdul Karim Mahallati at his young age of 16. Later, his son, Mehran joined the company to continue their business providing high quality jewelry in the Middle East. Mahallati is a family business that for two generations. It makes the family value becomes a principal to run the company. They ensure the honesty, trust, and superiority for each of their customer. Mehran Mahallati said that “When it comes to buying jewelry, customers need to feel that they trust us in helping them make the right choice and here in Mahallati Jewelry we make sure they can.” So, if you still have doubt that you will not get the jewelry that fits you, it can be ensured that in Mahallati you will get what you want with the help of the experts.

With over 40 years of experience in the jewelry making, Mahallati can produce the excellent and stunning pieces of jewelries with the quality you don’t have to doubt. Mahallati’s factory in Bangkok produces the finest quality of jewelry with the finest material and the best crafts-men to produce the best jewelry for their customers. With their expert and reputable crafts-men, they can help you find the perfect things to complete your jewelry collections. Their designs are rare, exceptional, and innovative that you can only find it here in Mahallati Jewelry.

You will find many kinds of jewelry collections at Mahallati including wedding rings, brooches, necklaces, chains, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pedants, rings, and other jewelry sets. These jewelries are made from the finest gold and gemstones to ensure the quality of their products. Moreover, it has recently launched its own diamond watch called Meran Swiss. Those products are the best from the best. If you come to Mahallati Jewelry, it can be ensured that you will get the best product from the expert of jewelry makers.

Mahallati has expands their business throughout the world. Not only they trade their jewelries in Dubai and other UAE countries, they also marketed their goods in the US, Egypt, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, and the African countries. Some people said that a good thing is hard to find, but with Mahallati, you can find good things easily. Mahallati Jewelry opens 10 stores to provide your needs of good quality jewelry in Dubai. You can visit Mahallati stores in Diamond and Whole Sale in Gold Souk Dubai, Wafi City, Mall of the Emirates, and some of their branch stores are located in the Dubai Mall. Enjoy your shopping in the Mahallati store, the place that will make you feel special because you only get something special here.

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