Popley Jewelry Dubai

Dubai is one of the most potential place to gold and other jewelry trade, since it is a big city-state with a modern technology and luxurious culture. No wonder Dubai is a strategic place to jewelry trade. Many jewelry stores are located in Dubai with various brands, price range, and quality. The fast development of technology and lifestyle in Dubai makes a lot of jewelry producers are racing to evolve their business in Dubai to get better market for their products there. One of the producers that move their trade to Dubai is Popley Jewelry. Popley is an old and famous brand that develops their trade in Dubai. It was founded by Kewalram Ganshamdas Popley in Karachi, India (now Pakistan) in 1927. In 1947 they were forced to move to Mumbai due to the Indian Independence and they have to start their business all over again. In 1993, when Popley expected to spread their wings in jewelry trade outside India, Dubai became the best destination. Nowadays, this family own business become one of the leading producer in the luxurious jewelry business in Dubai. The Popley Group has been a representative of luxurious lifestyle in India and the Middle East for over 80 years.

The Popley Jewelry specializes their field in retail, marketing, and distribution of fine jewelry and luxurious brands of watches, accessories, luxurious communications equipments, writing instruments, eywears, and gifts. There are so many famous international brands that are offered by Popley for their customers. For Swiss watches they have many collections such as Swatch Group, DTC, LVMH, WGC, Tissot, Omega, Rado, and Tag Heuer. Besides watches, they have high-end mobile phone like Vertu and some writing instruments like Visconti pens and Montegrappa. They also offer exquisite leather accessories for the jet setters and high flyer of the Dubai shopping circles. If you want to buy fine jewelry, Popley has many kinds of jewelries like Swiss gold bar, 22k hallmarked gold jewelry, Belgian diamond jewelry and solitaires, and also platinum jewelry. In 2008, Popley Jewelry joined with Disney Consumer Products to start an exquisite designed couture line of jewelry. The jewelries were inspired by Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Disney Princesses. The Disney collections consist of necklaces, rings, and earrings. Those collections are targeted for 25 years old customers and above. With their various collections of high-end jewelry and accessories, you will regret if you don’t have one of those products as your collections at home.

Popley Jewelry is the right choice for the customers who want to get the best jewelry from the expert. The Popley Group is a major leader in the jewelry business in India and the Middle East. This is because Popley has more than 80 years of experience in this area, so they will not disappoint you with their service; Popley also focuses entirely on the luxury goods, they are also expert in brand building. To maintain this successful record, Popley Jewelry makes its commitment by knowing the markets, consumers, trends, and competition. They understand each brand and its positioning in the market. Popley also sells its brands with pride and consumers with loyalty. Their last commitment is to create a connection between the appeal of the brand and the aspiration of the customers through their flexible and innovative strategies. Popley also has a special policy called the Conflict Free Policy where all the diamonds sold by Popley came from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolution. So, all Popley diamonds are from areas that are free of conflict.

If you come to visit Dubai, just make sure that Popley Jewelry is included on your trip plan. There are some showrooms that are provided to you in the great state-city of Dubai. You can find their stores at the Gold Souk, Wafi City Mall, Century Mall, Al Ghurair City, Mall of the Emirates, Reef Mall, Dubai Mall, Gold & Diamond Park, and also Dubai Festival City. Popley also open its new store in Bur Dubai, it’s called Popley 22. It is the biggest Popley showroom in Dubai; you can find “Bandhan’ collection - collections of 22k gold which includes bridal sets and so on. You can enjoy your jewelry shopping in Popley and feel the luxury in the Popley universe Dubai.

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