Swarovski Jewelry Dubai

Swarovski and the swan logo is not a strange thing anymore. It is the most famous brand for amazing collections of crystal jewelry and other luxury products made from precious metals and gemstones. The company was established in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski in Watten, Austria. It started up as a crystal accessory maker, now the company sells many products from jewelry to home décor, fashion, and many other high-end products. Daniel, who comes from glass-cutter family, has a great idea of creating a machine that can help the people in cutting crystal more precisely than before. That machine will soon replace the old manual way of cutting crystal and becomes the beginning of a new industry of crystal cutting. The company started their work in producing miniatures and glass sculptures, home décor, jewelry, and chandeliers. There are two major divisions in the company, the first one dealing with designing and cutting crystal for luxurious products called the crystal unit, the second unit or the Tyrolit Schleifmittel unit is dealing with the manufacturer tools and machinery for cutting and designing crystal and other gemstones.

The Swarovski jewelry is one of the famous jewelry products in the world. Their jewelry ranges from beautiful collections of rings, bracelets, bangles, pierced earrings, clip earrings, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, bridesmaids gifts, watches, brooches, and many other jewelry sets that are crafted with best quality and high precision crystal. It will take your mind into a perfect paradise. All of the jewelry collections in Swarovski are the best because they committed to the standard for color, size, quality, and shapes that will always stay in the highest state. The company also guaranteed the quality of all of their products that the customers purchase from their stores. The jewelry and many other products in the company use the best gemstones range from sapphire, amethyst, peridot, citrine, rhodolit, spinel, topaz, smoky quartz, Marcasite, and Spessartite. All the gemstones are original and best quality stones with the best proportion of shape, cut, and color.

Some special jewelry collections that are offered by the company are the Nirvana Collections, The Bond Collections, The Lovlots, Erika and Eliot, and Hello Kitty collections. You can also find many special collections in Atelier Swarovski collections. The company uses the best quality of metals to combine their beautiful stones and crystal collections into an exquisite jewelry pieces. They use the best quality of yellow gold, white gold, rhodium, and palladium as the metal substances for their products. The company is even cooperating with some famous brands in the fashion industry such as Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, and Channel which used their crystal for the decoration of Channel ladies sun glasses.

Besides jewelry, the company also offers the stunning textile collections including couture, business, and evening wear, menswear, collections for dance sport and showbiz, casual wear, traditional clothes, lingerie and swimwear, and also lingerie and swimwear, wedding dresses, and also chi wear. In accessories collections, they offer many collections of helmet, watches, shoes, bags, and leather goods, hats and hair accessories, and also eyewear.

To improve their service, the Swarovski Company has an online shopping facility for you who want to have a comfortable shopping from your office and your home, and to help you who live in a place where no Swarovski stores available. They also put the list of the prices of their products in their official website so you can look carefully and arrange your budget to buy the products that you need. The company also offers a two year warranty and authenticity certificate in every piece of jewelry you purchase there. With all of their facilities, you can have your easy and efficient shopping.

However, if you are planning to visit Dubai, you can enjoy your shopping experience in Swarovski stores that are spread all around Dubai. You will feel more satisfaction in the store because the company has well-trained staffs to help you with any information that you need before you purchase your beautiful products. You can find their stores in the Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, Al Ghurair Centre, Wafi Mall, west Crescent Palm Dubai, and in Duty Free Shopping Complex of Dubai International Airport. Enjoy the world of Swarovski crystal in the sparkling light of Dubai.

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