Versace Jewelry Dubai

Jewelry comes in various types and shapes and everyone loves to wear it. Jewelry is also a precious gift for women but of course not all types of jewelry are lovable. Men should be smart in giving certain jewelry as a gift for their woman. Jewelry is also made by certain people and they have been known well in all over the world. One of those people is Gianni Versace and Versace Jewelry is the trade name for his jewelry products. The trade name Versace itself was made in 1978 by Gianni Versace. If you love wearing jewelry, then Versace must be a familiar name.

Milanís Villa della Spiga was the place where the first Versace boutique was opened in 1978. Since that time, Versace developed as a fashion house and now it become one of the best international fashion houses. Versace becomes bigger time after time and many products are produced, such as Versace jewelry, make up, watches and accessories. Some things that this fashion house usually shows during the Milanís fashion week are jewelry, cosmetics, watches, handbags, fragrances, home furnishings and sometimes handmade apparel and those things are also the products that Versace emphasizes on.

Although Versace jewelry is made professionally and seriously, you can find this jewelry in personifying style and femininity. The jewelry is made carefully in special ways. For example, in making a ring, the proportions and shapes are concerned to create a beautiful piece of ring. Perfect combination of tones and colors is also needed. The jewelry is made for various themes. One of the popular themes is the mixture of tradition and contemporary character. This is the best jewelry for those who like that kind of combination. Some of the best things that you can find in Versace products are Versace jewelry and watches. Those things are made under certain long time process which offers you a perfect result. In all Versace products or creations, you will find the Greek key and Medusa logos as the distinctive symbols of Versace. To make a perfect jewelry, some materials are selectively chosen. It is because the tradition and the style of a brand depend on the materials that are chosen. That is why the price of this jewelry will cost much but it will give you more satisfaction.

Versace fashion houses have spread in all over the world. There are so many boutiques opened in several cities and countries. Dubai is a city-state where the Versace group opens the new Versace boutique. Dubai Mallís Fashion Avenue is the place where the group opens its new boutique. It would be easier for people living in Dubai to find the Versace jewelry. This new boutique is opened in an area which is over 600 square meters and it has been claimed to be the Maisonís largest that is located in the Middle East.

This boutique shows an atmosphere of luxury and glamour to be a perfect place where you can find Versace jewelry according to your need. The boutique also gives and offers a new experience of unique architectural concept. Visual concepts are also needed to enhance the performance of this new boutique in Dubai. The atmosphere of luxury are shown in the composition of the floors which is made from black granite, the paneled walls which come from white leather and the matte white ceilings. You will be amazed with its luxury design.

This new boutique sells the latest products and collections from Versace that can amaze our eyes. The collections are not only sold for women but also for men. For the ladies, if you want to buy jewelry as a gift for your men, this is an appropriate place where you can find the best piece. There are lots of products can be found here such as bags, shoes, belts, eyewear, watches, accessories and of course, jewelry. So, people in Dubai do not have to go to Milan to buy the jewelry. This new boutique is really helpful in providing the best products of Versace. Remember, the original jewelry is the one which has the Greek key and Medusa logos as the distinctive symbols from Versace. Now, the Versace luxury in Milan is brought here, in Dubai.

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